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Miaojian Information has been taking employees as the most treasured asset and resources and adhering to the management philosophy of “human orientation”. We foster an environment supporting employees’ study, growth and development, allowing them to gradually tap advantages and potential. We create a platform giving employees’ capabilities a full play. All teams are professional and high-efficient, working passionately and happily. This is one of our recipes for stable and sustainable development.

How to apply:
1.Please send your Chinese and English CVs and relevant certificate copies to;
2.Email subject: Position Applied/Applicant’s Name/Availability(e.g. Project Assistant/Zhang Le/One Week);
3.We will arrange interviews for qualified applicants after an initial examination and inform them via phone calls or emails. Please note that we do not reply to every application email.


Sales Manager
Job description:
1. 负责公司信息服务产品的销售;
2. 拓展市场,对所负责的行业发展有清晰的了解;
3. 挖掘. 引导客户需求并为客户提供可行的服务方案;
4. 快速建立并维系和维护公司与客户的良好关系;
5. 处理客户的各种突发需求,保证客户的高满意度;
6. 维护公司现有客户,积极挖掘客户潜力;
7. 积极开拓新客户,帮助公司拓展市场占有率;
8. 完成公司设定的销售目标。
1. 国家统招本科及以上学历,专业不限;
2. 具备很强的自我提高和学习能力,对销售工作有极大的工作热情;
3. 心理素质好,能承受工作压力,喜欢挑战,积极上进,主动性强,责任心强,细心耐心;
4. 良好的沟通能力. 表达能力和谈判技巧,较强的倾听能力. 应变能力,有意识挖掘客户需求,并有能力建立良好的客户关系;
5. 2年及以上销售经验,能够独立进行市场营销活动;
6. 具备计算机使用技能,顺利完成日常的文件和表格处理,并能熟练运用PowerPoint制作演讲文稿;
7. 良好的中英文书写和口语表达能力;
8. 具有政府. 央企. 世界500强等大型企业销售经验者优先考虑;
9. 具有本行业销售经验者优先考虑。
Account Executive
Job description:
1. 与客户保持良好沟通,了解客户需求,掌握客户动态,以服务客户需求为主;
2. 负责客户每日新闻的编辑校对,按照客户要求进行资讯的分析和挑选,制作报告,确保质量和时效;
3. 每日除固定工作外,另有新客户/其他队友负责项目需持续学习及了解,必要时随时响应团队协作;
4. 及时向客服经理通报客户的危机信息;
5. 完成上级交办的其他事项。
1. 国家统招本科及以上学历,中文. 英文. 编辑. 新闻传播. 广告. 公共关系等相关专业;
2. 公关. 企划. 市场营销. 客服等相似工作经验2年以上;
3. 积极主动反应佳,认真. 负责. 敬业;
4. 接受无培训自我养成经验工作者;
5. 良好的团队合作精神,对内沟通无碍,对外客服亲切使命必达;
6. 具备较强的新闻敏感性,能独立工作。
Job description:
1. Write English abstracts in strict accordance with standard translation styles and clients’ requirements;
2. Responsible for Chinese-English or English-Chinese translation of the designated project and the quality of translation;
3. Responsible for communicating with the customer service staff, actively collecting clients’ feedbacks on translation, and promptly and accurately inform the responsible person of the translation team;
4. Actively assist the direct supervisor in developing translation service optimization schemes;
5. Actively accept the supervisor's assignment and adjustment for work, have a sense of urgency to achieve performance targets and goals, and be willing to take on more work and responsibilities.
1.Bachelor degree or above, major in English, with a TEM-8 certification and having a good command of Chinese and English;
2. Translation experience in automobile, IT industry, communication, and finance industries or working experience in PR companies or clipping companies is preferred;
3. Fluent in both English and Chinese with excellent communication and understanding skills, and detail-oriented;
4. Strong professional ethics and teamwork, able to work under pressure and strong time management ability;
5. Computer skills, proficiency in MS Office software;
6. Overseas study/working experience is preferred.
Analysis Specialist
Job description:
1. Data cleaning and application of Excel, PowerPoint, and Tableau;
2. Assist with special analysis reports;
3. Set up rules for data capture;
4. Clarify the details of the project service process;
5. Perform other duties as assigned.
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in Computer, Internet, Data Analysis, Journalism And Communication, Marketing and other related ones;
2. At least one year of experience in media monitoring service-related industries, those who have the experience of managing a project team of two members or above are preferred;
3. Computer skills, proficiency in MS Office software;
4. Clear logic, and strong communication skills, both written and spoken (both English and Chinese preferred);
5. Goal-oriented, positive and able to work under pressure;
6. Detail-oriented, strong learning ability and adaptability, and good team spirit.
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