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Technical resources and Professional qualifications

Technology Resources
Our comprehensive and constantly growing Chinese media and data sources, sophisticated big data and analytical technologies enable us to provide clients with exactly what they’re looking for in media intelligence and insights to make better-informed decisions.
Largest Chinese Media Database
Vast data from newspapers, magazines, televisions, radios, Internet search engines, social media platforms such as Weibo and WeChat, news apps, video sites and apps, WOM platforms, e-commerce platforms, and so forth.
Search Technology
Abundant self-owned data and leading search technologies
Analysis Technology
Analyze online public opinions in a multi-dimensional manner to provide real-time public opinions, semantic analysis, news dissemination influence, and communications path of news events so as to help customers to keep up with public opinions in real time.

With years of rich experience in applying big data technology and combining the above mentioned technologies, we have created big data management platforms with capabilities of data integration, storage management, integrated processing, inquiry and analysis.

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